SALISBURY, Md. – Perdue Farms announced on June 12 the launch of a line of frozen chicken products that are blended with vegetables. The Chicken Plus Nuggets, Tenders and Patties feature blends of cauliflower, chickpeas and plant protein making up a half serving of vegetables. The rest of the product is made up of white meat chicken that follows Perdue’s standards of 100 percent all-natural ingredients and no antibiotics ever.

"Perdue Chicken Nuggets have been a staple for families for years, but we wanted to provide an easy way to round out the meal and help parents put an end to the 'eat your vegetables' battle," said Eric Christianson, chief marketing officer for Perdue. "By blending plants and vegetables with the Perdue chicken families love, not only are we helping to meet demands for millions of parents but we are appealing to the growing number of flexitarian families who have an increased commitment to getting more plants and vegetables in their families' diets."

The Chicken Plus nuggets are dinosaur-shaped to appeal to children. Perdue partnered with The Better Meat Co. to source some of the plant-based ingredients.

"Boosting meat with high-quality plant protein is a great way to give the consumer more choices while enhancing both sustainability and nutrition," said Paul Shapiro, CEO of The Better Meat Co.

Perdue Chicken Plus comes in a 22-oz. bag and will be available nationwide in freezer aisles starting September 2019.