Perdue recently launched Harvestland organic, antibiotic-free chicken products for foodservice.
Perdue Foodservice is offering organic whole bird, boneless skinless breast and boneless skinless thighs.

SALISBURY, Md. – Perdue Foodservice recently launched a new line of fresh and frozen organic chicken under the Perdue Harvestland brand.

The birds are raised in a free-range environment on certified organic farms, fed an organic diet of non-GMO grains and never given antibiotics. Perdue said the new line will help satisfy consumer demand for organically produced foods.

“We’re excited to introduce an organic product to the foodservice space and lead the way by providing product attributes that consumers have been asking about for years,” said Doug Wickman, vice president of foodservice marketing and business development. “We’ve already received great feedback from the Harvestland No Antibiotics Ever line and look forward to working with operators to introduce Harvestland Organic Chicken to their customers. Organic offerings provide a clearly defined set of powerful advantage-driven menu attributes that consumers want and are willing to pay more for today.”

Perdue is offering the new line as whole bird, boneless skinless breast and boneless skinless thighs.