PHOENIX — In an extended partnership with John Soules Foods and FoodStory Brands, Hot Ones, a flagship video series of food-driven video franchiser First We Feast, is introducing five new flavors of Hot Ones Boneless Chicken Bites paired with the show’s authentic sauce flavors. The show features host Sean Evans, who interviews celebrities while they consume progressively hotter chicken wings.

The three companies furthered their partnership after initially launching a limited-time Hot Ones family-size product offering, sold exclusively at Walmart.

“We are excited to expand our flavor assortment for the Hot Ones Boneless Chicken Bites with five of the most popular Hot Ones sauces that have been used on the show,” said Chris Schonberger, general manager of First We Feast. “It's our goal to make the Hot Ones experience as accessible as possible to fans, and to introduce new shoppers to flavors they won't find anywhere else in the frozen aisle. After an amazing launch with Walmart, we’re looking forward to bringing Hot Ones Boneless Chicken Bites to other retailers and continuing to push the spice envelope at a national scale.”

Packaged in 18 oz. reusable bags, the white-meat, boneless chicken bites come with a Hot Ones sauce packet. The flavors range in levels of heat and include Original, Spicy Garlic, Smoky Sweet, Smoky Habanero and Barbacoa.

The frozen foods line is available at Walmart and will debut later at other retailers nationwide.

“As a family-owned company, it brings us great joy to develop an at-home experience with Hot Ones that brings families and friends together,” said John Soules Jr., co-chief executive officer of John Soules Foods. “We are proud to innovate alongside First We Feast and FoodStory Brands in a way that brings the Hot Ones show to life for consumers. Plus, we are thrilled to offer this type of flavorful heat profile that is not currently available in the frozen chicken category.”