ATLANTA — Church’s Chicken announced on Dec. 2 a decision to rebrand its restaurants in Canada to Church’s Texas Chicken.

The company plans to display new brand positioning, logo identity, restaurant design, uniforms, packaging and other elements in 2020. Church’s feels this branding change will help people identify its American roots. 

“We’re a challenger brand, so we have to work smarter at engaging consumers and staying fresh, exciting and relevant, yet embrace change to compete and win against an ever-growing tide of international and local competitors,” said Tony Moralejo, executive vice president of International for the brand. “As we begin to elevate and differentiate our brand, our new Church’s Texas Chicken logo proudly puts our stamp on the map in Canada, and elsewhere around the world.”

The company chose a clean logo with a gold brand circle above and below the signature Church’s brand name. It also added a Texas “lone star” to sit above the name along with “Texas Chicken” to capture Church’s history of starting in Texas. 

“The new logo is evolutionary – not revolutionary, contemporary, simple, striking, iconic, and without question, makes sure that our Texas-style spirit and heritage is right there for everyone to notice,” Moralejo said. 

The restaurant design will feature textured wood panels. Freestanding buildings will have exterior portals and golf tower accents that mix the brand’s color palette and messaging about Church’s “Bold Texas Flavor.”

Large murals will be placed around restaurants featuring Texas symbols like jalapeño peppers, a lone star and chicken. Some restaurants will display a giant gold star on the ceiling, which also serves as a lighting feature.