FRISCO, Texas – Nurture Ranch announced that its 1 Steer Ground Beef product will be available at grocery stores in the Southeast. Stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia will all carry the products.

The company packages its grass-fed beef to only include meat from one steer per pack and is code traced with nutrition history for the entire life of the animal.

“Pioneering the ‘1 Steer and 1 Cow’ process has helped us provide the cleanest and most transparently sourced beef available to consumers,” said Rodney Mason, founder of Nurture Ranch. “Our unmatched clean taste and transparency is bringing the true ranch-to-table concept to the grocery store.”

Nurture Ranch also said the steer benefits from being raised free range in the US. Steers are 100 percent grass fed with no feedlots, confinement, antibiotics, hormones or GMOs.The Black Angus cattle are raised on land that is adjacent to the Davy Crockett National Forest in East Texas.

The ground beef is available for $9 per 1 lb. package.

Nurture Ranch supplies meat, poultry and seafood to restaurants, retailers and meal kit providers. Products include 93 percent lean grass-fed Black Angus ground sirloin, brisket and chuck; steak, roast and specialty cuts, beef sausage, jerky, meatballs and products for Kosher and Halal customers.