WESTMINSTER, COLO. — Premium meats brand Niman Ranch announced the recent implementation of a USDA-graded, domestic, 100% grass fed and finished beef program. The company said the new program will continue to deliver on the marbling and flavor Niman Ranch is known for while bringing added health and environmental benefits that comes from grass fed beef.

“The vast majority of grass fed beef on the market is lean, lacks marbling and has an off or mineral taste,” said John Tarpoff II, vice president of Beef at Niman Ranch. “Our new program finally delivers grass fed beef — born and raised right here in the US — that even the most discerning steakhouse chefs would be proud to serve.”

Niman Ranch noticed a demand for grass fed beef raised in the United States. Up to 80% of grass fed beef sold in the United States are imported products, the company said.

Through the USDA’s graded beef program, the agency will evaluate Niman Ranch’s cuts of beef based on leanness, tenderness, juiciness and flavor. These attributes will earn the cuts a spot as either USDA Select, Choice or Prime beef.

“The focus in the grass-fed industry has been to simply meet this strong demand, not on the meat’s quality,” Tarpoff said. “Niman Ranch is upping the game by offering the finest-quality grass fed beef.”

Niman Ranch plans to expand its program to offer grass fed hot dogs next.