DENVER – Teton Waters Ranch announced the launch of its Burger Blends — frozen burger patties made from a blend of 100 percent grass-fed beef and savory mushrooms. The company says it’s the first grass-fed burger blend patty product on the market.

“We wanted to offer an easy and convenient burger that was 100 percent grass-fed and finished and ready to cook and eat in minutes — that did not exist,” said Mike Murray, CEO of Teton Waters Ranch. “Our Burger Blends are ideal for the growing number of consumers who are looking to incorporate more plant-based nutrition into their diet, but do not want to give up high-quality meat. The simple recipe of clean beef, mushrooms and spices creates a fantastic solution for those pursuing a more flexitarian lifestyle.”

The Burger Blends will be available in three varieties: Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, Mushroom and Onion and Southwest. All three are made with a mix of 70 percent grass-fed and finished beef and 30 percent mushrooms. The product will be available in the freezer aisle of local retailers in April.

The addition of mushrooms provides increased nutritional benefits while reducing the overall calorie and fat content of a traditional all-beef burger, according to Teton Ranch. “It is also one of the most earth-friendly and renewable crops available, requiring minimal space, little water and just days to grow,” the company said.

“Teton Waters Ranch is committed to leaving this planet a better place by pioneering sustainable and regenerative farming practices. Helping consumers integrate more plant-based nutrition like mushrooms, furthers our mission to reduce our overall impact on the earth,” Murray said.