LINCOLN, NEB. — Family owned and operated cattle business Lone Creek Cattle Co., based in Lincoln, Neb., announced a new private label program for grass-fed beef.

"We are passionate about raising our cattle the right way," said Brian DeBrie, chief financial officer of Lone Creek Cattle. "Our private label program allows us to partner with businesses who share our values and commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable American beef products."

The new program offers grass-fed, grass-finished, all-natural cattle, raised without added antibiotics or hormones, the company said. Lone Creek Cattle ensures a consistent weekly and monthly harvest for retailers and distributors interested in expanding domestic grass-fed beef products.

"The import and supply of grass-finished beef coming from outside the US proves the increasing demand of grass-finished beef in this country,” Debrie said. “We are excited and proud to use our resources in this industry to provide a US raised and produce grassfed beef that consumers want to eat. There is no better part of the country to do it and do it right."

Outside of grass-finished beef, Lone Creek Cattle offers Dynasty and Grain Finished lines.