CASTLE ROCK, Colo. – Heinen's Fine Foods, a regional retailer with 17 locations in northeast Ohio, has launched the WhereFoodComesFrom labeling program throughout its meat departments. The program is designed to provide shoppers more information about the source and origin of Heinen's Own Beef and Pork. This new program is an initiative of IMI Global Inc. and is designed to enhance consumer confidence in the food supply chain and independent marketing claims. A new website ( detailing the program was created by IMI Global.

"Knowing where your food comes from is the basis for knowing everything about what you eat," said co-owner Tom Heinen. "We take great pride in the specifications that go into the sourcing of our food products. We only accept the very best for our customers. The WhereFoodComesFrom labeling program helps us to provide our customers information about the source of our beef and pork products, and lets consumers learn firsthand about where, how and by whom their food was raised."

Heinen's Fine Foods will utilize the WhereFoodComesFrom labeling program on all of its Heinen's Own Beef and Pork. The program incorporates a quick response bar code that allows consumers to utilize a smart phone to scan the product and quickly access detailed information about the product's origins. Click here to view the new label.

"We've been offering verification services to farmers and ranchers for food marketing claims for 15 years and WhereFoodComesFrom is our effort to connect that program with the consumers who are looking for information about the food they buy," said Leann Saunders, president of IMI Global. "Consumer research tells us that people want to know more about their food and WhereFoodComesFrom tells that story in an authentic way that consumers can be confident in."