SWIFT CURRENT, Saskatchewan – Livestock producers in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan have a new resource that industry stakeholders say will help improve response times to livestock emergencies while boosting the competitiveness of livestock producers in the province.

The online Saskatchewan Premises Identification (PID) Database links livestock and poultry to specific land locations via a unique number assigned to each registered premises. The PID program was developed to help reduce the time needed to notify producers of disease threats and other potential problems as well as dispatching emergency resources to appropriate locations.

“Strategic investments in livestock traceability give Canadian producers and the entire value chain the competitive edge they need to access markets around the world,” said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz.
Currently, roughly 1,400 producers have registered, and producer information will be used only in an emergency.

“I see the database as being instrumental in maintaining the strength of the cattle sector,” said Doug Gillespie, president of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association. “If all of the producers in our sector register, we'll be better prepared to respond to livestock emergencies quickly and effectively.”

PID is one of three components of a livestock traceability system, which also includes animal identification and animal movement reporting. There are no costs to producers who register their premises.

“We see the Premises Identification Database as being a great benefit to our producers,” Saskatchewan Pork Chairman Florian Possberg said. “With diseases like Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea having the potential to devastate our swine herds, our industry is doing everything it can to prevent or lessen an outbreak. The fact all of our producer members have already registered speaks to the importance of this tool.”