COLUMBUS, OHIO – After a collaboration between new product innovators at White Castle, the iconic fast-food burger chain, and Bellisio Foods Inc., a Minneapolis-based frozen foods manufacturer, the companies announced on Sept. 15 the launch of White Castle Bites in the retail segment. The new snack product features a bite-size version of White Castle’s sliders wrapped in a doughy, crispy wrapper. The new product will soon be sold in retail stores’ frozen foods cases across the country and are available in Hamburger and Cheeseburger flavors, in 18 oz or 40 oz packages.  

This is the latest addition to White Castle’s retail line of products, which was launched 35 years ago. The new product comes on the heels of the rollout of its Chicken Rings earlier this year, which was also in partnership with Bellisio Foods.

“Castle Bites are a fun, new way to extend the Crave, offering a delicious option that meets the mark on distinctive taste," said Lynn Blashford, White Castle’s chief marketing officer. “In recent research, consumers have let us know they're ready to try and ready to buy. Something they will soon be able to do at retailers across the country.”

"Snacking at home has continued to grow as consumers seek convenient and delicious options that fit within new schedules and routines," said Steve Young, chief executive officer of Bellisio Foods. "Bellisio is proud to utilize our more than 30 years of experience in frozen foods and in snack rolls to launch such an innovative product. We're excited to build upon our partnership with White Castle, especially following the successful launch of the White Castle Chicken Rings at retail.”