MINNEAPOLIS AND COLUMBUS, OHIO — White Castle Management Co. and frozen food company Bellisio Foods Inc. announced their partnership to bring White Castle’s Chicken Rings to retailers across the United States.

The first QSR hamburger chain in the United States, White Castle was also the first QSR to introduce a retail division, Bellisio Foods said. This year White Castle celebrates its 35th year in retail.

"We are thrilled to support the expansion of the White Castle retail portfolio," said Steve Young, Bellisio’s chief executive officer. "With consumers turning to the frozen aisle for new innovation, and snacking at home doubling over the past two years, this is the perfect time to fulfill consumer needs for more delicious options."

White Castle Chicken Rings, found in the freezer aisle during summer 2022, come in two flavors: Original and Spicy. The product is packaged in a stand-up, reusable pouch.

"This partnership accelerates offering one of our most craveable restaurant menu items to retailers nationwide," said Lynn Blashford, chief marketing officer for White Castle. "We are excited to give shoppers the ability to discover a high quality, fun to eat product that runs rings around the competition."

White Castle and Bellisio Foods said they are exploring other grocery portfolio expansion opportunities.