KANSAS CITY, MO. – Plant-based burgers are everywhere and in settings to suit a variety of consumer preferences – from frozen-food aisles, to refrigerated display cases and on to quick-service restaurants. Formulations and formats abound too – pea protein, soy protein, crumbles and strips. But in the race to catch consumers’ discerning eyes, how do plant-based meat makers stand out in a crowd?

Danny O’Malley, founder and president of Before the Butcher, said variety is what enthusiasts have come to expect from the company’s brand. In this second episode of MEAT+POULTRY’s conversation with O’Malley, he explains significance of providing consumers options they can easily integrate into their lifestyles.

He also gives insights into how plant-based meat manufacturers and their counterparts on the animal protein side work together.

Finally, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic slowly is chipping away at price differentials between animal proteins and plant-based protein products, and more consumers are giving them a try. The future is wide open for the possibilities of plant-based, O’Malley said. But he believes the success of the category comes back to why plant-based meats quickly gained a prominent and permanent niche in the food marketplace – the environment.


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