KANSAS CITY, Mo. – For anyone within earshot of Pederson’s Natural Farms in Hamilton, Texas, it’s hard to miss this battle cry from Neil Dudley, vice president of sales: “Sooie! We got bacon!”, especially in early October.

The thriving meat-processing company has evolved since Dudley’s lifelong best friend, Cody Lane, joined the company in 2001 as president and hired Neil early in his tenure. Since about 2006, Pederson’s has focused on processing premium bacon for specialty retailers including Whole Foods and many others. The company’s overall production, sales and new products have flourished as consumers’ love affair with bacon seemingly gets stronger each year. And since 2012, Pederson’s has committed to giving back by hosting an annual event to promote two charities by hosting Bacon Bash Texas. Combining bacon, beer and bands for one day each October Pederson’s brings thousands of people to Cranfills Gap, Texas, to raise money for Niki Warms the Cold (to purchase coats and blankets for those in need) and children living with Type 1 diabetes.

In Part 2 of the MEAT+POULTRY Podcast with Dudley, he talks about how the company came to realize how its philanthropic pursuits could make a difference in the lives of people in need. To hear Part 1 of the podcast, click here.  

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