WACOL, AUSTRALIA — JBS Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of JBS S.A., launched a new beef business in Australia with a focus on luxury and sustainability, known as Portoro.

Portoro sources its cattle from Yambinya Station in New South Wales’s southern Riverina region, where cattle are raised through the JBS Farm Assurance program. JBS said the program meets standards for food safety, animal welfare, quality assurance and traceability, and in addition, the cattle are free from GMOs, added hormones and antibiotics.

“Yambinya Station has been able to use its holistic and sustainable practices to its advantage and create an exceptionally luxurious, high marbling steak,” said Robert Ryan, sales manager for Group Beef at JBS. “Positive environmental outcomes, animal welfare, a propriety cattle acclimation process and encouragement of natural animal behaviors all unite to meet and then exceed the consumer desire for sustainably raised, highly marbled meat.

“This process achieves beef marble scores of 5,6,7+ on a regular basis. This approach creates a paradigm shift in the market for premium grain-fed beef, and the first time I tasted a Portoro steak I knew we were onto something special.”

The Portoro brand was inspired by Italian fashion houses to stress timelessness, style and exclusivity, JBS said. The company plans to supply steak houses and boutique retail outlets globally.

Currently, Portoro is only available in Australia through Andrew Meat Industries Pty Ltd., a JBS subsidiary.