AUSTIN, TEXAS – Shelf-stable, ethically sourced, low-sugar and high-fat are just some of the product claims of Serenity Kids’ baby and toddler food products that are now available at 890 Walmart stores across the country and on the retailer’s website. The launch at the giant retailer follows successful rollouts at Kroger and Target and increases its retail presence to a total of more than 7,800 stores across the country.

The company admitted its nutrient-dense products are priced at double the cost of current, traditional baby food brands, but it has increased year-over-year sales by 150% since its launch in 2018 and the company has produced more than 20 million products during that time.

In addition to seven meat, poultry and seafood-based options being launched at Walmart, the company is also selling two types of its Grain-Free Puffs on the retailer’s shelves. Serenity Kids sells a total of 18 varieties of its baby food, packaged in pouches, across three lines, which include: Ethically Sourced Meats, Organic Savory Veggies and Purees with Bone Broth. The meat-based products offer consumers 5 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat and less than 3 grams of natural sugar, while most traditional baby foods offer considerably less nutrients and more than three times the sugar.

The products debuting at Walmart include:

•            Grass Fed Beef with Organic Kale and Sweet Potatoes
•            Free Range Chicken with Organic Peas and Carrots
•            Pasture Raised Turkey with Organic Pumpkin and Beets
•            Grass Fed Bison with Organic Kabocha Squash and Spinach
•            Wild Caught Salmon with Organic Butternut Squash and Beet
•            Beef Pot Roast with Bone Broth
•            Turmeric Chicken with Bone Broth
•            Carrot & Beet Grain-Free Puffs with Olive Oil
•            Pumpkin & Cinnamon Grain-Free Puffs with Olive Oil
 “Can you believe there is now regeneratively farmed bison baby food at Walmart? It’s blowing my mind,” said Joe Carr, co-founder and president of Serenity Kids. 

The company said it sources its ingredients from ethically sourced meat from US-based farmers committed to practicing regenerative farming techniques and Certified USDA Organic and non-GMO Project Verified vegetables and herbs. Meat comes from animals raised without antibiotics or added hormones that are fed a pesticide-free diet void of GMOs and free of major allergens. The unopened, 3.5 oz pouches are shelf stable for 18 months.

“This exciting partnership with Walmart allows us to further our mission of making babies healthier with every bite by having our products easier to find across the country,” said Carr. “Our level of commitment and passion for creating premium, high-quality baby and toddler food products that far exceed the standards of others in the market is being acknowledged by major retailers like Walmart. They are bringing on nine of our best-sellers to expand their consumer's offerings and drive category growth.”