DUNEDIN, NEW ZEALAND – New Zealand red meat producer and exporter Silver Fern Farms, along with Beef + Lamb New Zealand, the country’s organization representing beef and lamb farmers, and US-based distributor Marx Foods have partnered to offer three different Angus beef sampler boxes for online purchase.

Spikes in ecommerce spending of $82.5 billion in May 2020, an increase of 77% year-over-year, have pushed the collaboration as meat companies endeavor to meet growing consumer demand for high-quality and responsibly raised red meat available online. A recent McKinsey study predicted the trend to continue with a 41% increase in customers purchasing groceries online following COVID-19.

The three sampler boxes include:

  • The Butcher’s Favorites Box containing four 12-oz strip steaks, four 8 oz. flat iron steaks and six 6-oz hanger steaks ($179).
  • The Beef Steakhouse Box featuring four 6-oz tenderloin steaks, four 10-oz ribeye steaks and four 12-oz strip steaks ($199).
  • The Big Beef Box with three 1-lb packs of ground beef, two 2-lb packs of boneless short ribs and four 12-oz strip steaks ($189).

Silver Fern Farms, Beef + Lamb New Zealand and Marx Foods have partnered to offer three different Angus beef sampler boxes for online purchase.“Sampler box sales have been strong during the pandemic among customers that are looking to stock up or discover a range of new ingredients and techniques in their kitchen,” said Justin Marx, vice president of Marx Companies. “Silver Fern Farms produces some of the highest-quality, purest beef in the world and our customers know it. We’re expecting these new sampler boxes to be very popular among those who want it all: impeccable eating quality, purity, sustainability and the highest animal welfare standards.”

Because of New Zealand’s climate, cattle graze year-round on green pastures which increases vitamin A and E, conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids while lessening saturated fat.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand will invest in a paid digital media campaign and engage social media influencers, foodies and content creators to develop recipes featuring the various Angus beef cuts available in the sampler boxes.