REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. – Impossible Foods’ plant-based Impossible Burger is now available at Walmart stores — soon in 2,100 Walmart Supercenter and Walmart Neighborhood Market locations. The 12-oz. packages of plant-based ground protein will be sold in the fresh meat section of the store.

“Impossible Foods’ goal is to make the global food system sustainable. To do that, Impossible Burger has to be available everywhere people shop for meat,” said Patrick O. Brown, MD, founder and chief executive officer of Impossible Foods. “More Americans buy meat for their families at Walmart than anywhere else. We’re confident that once Walmart customers try Impossible, they’ll become enthusiastic advocates of our products and our mission.”

With the addition of the Walmart locations, Impossible Burger will now be sold in more than 8,000 grocery stores around the country. The plant-based product made its retail debut in September 2019 at Gelson’s Markets in Southern California.

Since the product’s original debut in July 2016, the Impossible Burger has been adopted onto menus in more than 17,000 locations, including Burger King, White Castle, Little Caesars, Qdoba, Cheesecake Factory and Red Robin restaurants.

“Three years ago, we introduced plant-based meat to top chefs in America’s most important restaurants,” Brown said, at the time of the retail debut. “They consistently told us that the Impossible Burger blew them away. We can’t wait for home cooks to experience the magic — whether using Impossible Burger in their family favorites or inventing new recipes that go viral.”

The Impossible Burger is a plant-based and bioengineered meat alternative that is designed to rival ground beef from cows in taste, nutrition and versatility.

The burger’s crucial ingredient is leghemoglobin, or “heme,” which gives the Impossible Burger its bleeding attribute and creates the flavor in raw and cooked product. Heme reacts with the proteins, amino acids, sugars and vitamins in the blend.

Impossible Foods produces its plant-based burgers and other products at the company’s 68,000-square-foot production plant in Oakland, Calif.