KANSAS CITY, MO. – In this podcast, Bob Sims, features editor of MEAT+POULTRY, shares stories about the recipient of this year’s Operations Executive of the Year award.

Gary Malenke is senior vice president of pork operations for Perdue Premium Meat Co., formerly known as Sioux Preme Packing Co. He has worked with hogs in one form or another for the majority of his career, well over 30 years.

The episode highlights Malenke’s background of knowing all aspects of the pork process and how it has helped him turn the Perdue Premium plant into a very efficient operation.

Sims also discuss Malenke’s ability to transition the needs of the plant as the pork industry has continued to grow over the last three decades.

Finally, hear about the pork facility Malenke oversees in Iowa and how it has a chance for more growth in the future. Rea

Look for the full story about the 2020 Operations Executive of the Year in the July issue of MEAT+POULTRY.


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