WICHITA, Kan. – With a business unit committed to supplying high-end beef products to foodservice customers, including its Sterling Silver Premium Meats line, Cargill Protein is planning to launch its Salt & Sear brand of “restaurant-quality” beef at retail outlets this spring.

The premium muscle cuts will be sourced from the upper two-thirds of US Dept. of Agriculture’s Choice grade and the company says certain cuts will qualify for its Certified Very Tender USDA claim.

The positioning of the new product rollout was based on 2019 consumer research commissioned by Cargill that indicated shoppers’ desire to cook restaurant-quality beef at home

When shopping the retail meat case, Salt & Sear meets consumer priorities identified by the Cargill Future of Beef Study in 2018.

“While making beef purchase decisions, consumers are seeking certain characteristics and on-package information,” said Cargill.

The new brand will be available to retail customers in late spring and information about the launch, as well as product samples will be available at the Cargill booth during the North American Meat Institute’s Annual Meat Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 3.