ATLANTA – Chick-fil-A is ringing in the new year with a simpler menu. The chain announced it will eliminate several items at test locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Arizona beginning Jan. 13.

Participating restaurants will no longer serve breakfast sausage, multigrain bagels, Original Chick-n-Strips, side salads, Grilled Cool Wraps or decaf coffee. The modified menu also limits several items to only one size, including milkshakes, iced coffees, frosted beverages, ice cream cones and children’s meal nuggets.  

The streamlined menu should improve operational efficiencies and make room for future offerings, the chain said. The test comes less than a year after several other quick-service restaurants simplified their menus. McDonald’s reduced its late-night menu offerings in April, while Taco Bell scrapped nine items in August.

The modified menu also will feature several test items. Three new spicy chicken entrees, including spicy chick-n-strips, spicy chick-n-strip biscuits and a grilled spicy chicken deluxe sandwich, will be offered at Charlotte locations.

Chick-fil-A will use feedback from the test to consider a nationwide roll out of the new spicy chicken options, which began showing up in test markets in 2018. The chain is known for taking a measured approach changing its menu. Its mac and cheese dish, launched in August 2019, was the first permanent side addition to the menu in three years.