ATLANTA, GA. — Chick-fil-A Inc. recently introduced an express drive-thru lane at select locations.

“The express drive-thru lane is a game-changer for our busy customers and our team members,” said Jonathan Lassiter, senior integration leader on Chick-fil-A’s Service and Hospitality team.

Lassiter said the concept is designed to help guests move quickly through the drive-thru by dedicating one of the lanes exclusively to mobile order pickup. It allows customers who ordered online to streamline the drive-thru line and pick up their meal. 

Customers can choose a Chick-fil-A location through the company app, select “Drive-Thru Express” as the destination and begin placing their order. At the restaurant location, signs will direct customers to the express lane, where they will scan a QR code through the app and pull around to receive their order.

“We see this as a way to serve customers more effectively and give them more control over their experience,” said Lassiter. “The lengthiest part of our drive-thru ordering process is the brief wait to get your order taken. The express lane cuts down ordering and payment time significantly, granting customers access to greater speed, ease and convenience when they want it most.”

Chick-fil-A is testing out the express lanes at approximately 60 locations nationwide and plans to roll out more in 2023.

The company noted a decrease in wait time for participating restaurants and said most customers are choosing to utilize the express drive thru lane on their next visit.

“We recognize that Chick-fil-A restaurants are busy because customers value the experience and hospitable service we offer,” said Lassiter. “Speed, quality, accuracy and friendly service are a focus for us. By giving guests the opportunity to order and pay ahead through the Chick-fil-A App, checking in at the dedicated lane becomes a seamless experience, making the express drive-thru lane a convenient new option.”