TORONTO – Burgers at McDonald’s Canada are getting a makeover. Canadians buying Big Macs, Quarter Pounders and Cheeseburgers will now enjoy a more delicious burger eating experience, according to the company.

The chain is making a number of small changes to how the burgers are cooked and served including:

  • Beef patties, made from 100 percent Canadian beef, are now cooked in smaller batches for hotter and juicier beef;
  • Storage changes for fresher and crisper produce;
  • Onions added directly on the patties on the grill to intensify flavor;
  • More Mac Sauce applied on Big Macs; and
  • New bun recipes for warmer buns.

“We’re making a number of small changes to our burgers that add up to one big taste difference for our guests,” said Nicola Pitman, director of menu innovation and management, McDonald’s Canada. “These improvements will not only result in hotter, juicier and tastier burgers that are cooked to perfection, but also showcase our ongoing commitment to ensuring Canadians get the best burger every time they visit McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s Canada’s beef patties are made from cattle raised by ranchers primarily located in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and are produced without any artificial preservatives, fillers, colors or flavors.

From Aug. 13-19, McDonald’s Canada is offering  $3 Big Macs at restaurants throughout Canada, to encourage purchases.