NEW YORK — McDonald’s Corp. and Wendy’s Co. were recent subjects of a federal class-action lawsuit claiming the quick-service restaurant chains are misleading customers regarding the size of the patties and toppings for burgers on their menu.

The class-action case was filed by Justin Chimienti in New York who argued that customers should be compensated by the fast-food chains that received smaller burgers than what was advertised in print or video. 

“Wendy’s materially overstates the amount of toppings and the size of the beef patties for nearly every menu item in its current advertisements,” the lawsuit said.

In his evidence, Chimienti showed pictures and YouTube videos comparing what people order at restaurants versus what was represented in advertising. 

“The beef patties that Wendy’s uses for its advertisements are not fully cooked to make it appear that they are approximately 15-20% larger than the beef patties that are actually served to customers,” Chimienti claimed. 

The lawsuit also said that McDonald’s overstates the size of the beef patties using the same practices as Wendy’s.

“Defendants’ advertisements for its burger and menu items are unfair and financially damaging consumers as they are receiving food that is much lower in value than what is being promised,” the lawsuit said.

McDonald’s and Wendy’s officials did not comment on the lawsuit. 

Details of the lawsuit can be found here