SAN DIEGO – Homegrown Meats beef will soon debut in Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. The San Diego-based artisan beef jerky producer will offer four of its flavors – Joel's Traditional, Western Mesquite Barbeque, Cracked Black Pepper and Paleo – at stores around the country.

Homegrown jerky is made from grass-fed and grass-finished beef, combined with a blend of culinary-inspired flavors. The brand offers nine flavors ranging from sweet to spicy. In addition to the four that will be available at Whole Foods, other flavors include Tangy Orange Teriyaki, Carne Asada, Sriracha Style, Gringo Bandito and Smoking Hot Jalapeño.

"We're thrilled to have the opportunity to extend our footprint nationwide with Whole Foods Market," says Thad Benshoof, co-founder of Homegrown Meats. "This is an exciting opportunity for the Homegrown Meats family, positioning us as a leading brand in the all-natural jerky category and opening the door for long-term growth and partnership."

Each flavor is gluten-free, made without nitrates or nitrites and with no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners.

Homegrown Cattle Company, a business that was started on a sixth-generation cattle ranch owned by the Mendenhall family and located in the hills of Palomar Mountain in Southern California, is a partner in Homegrown’s jerky business. The owners of Homegrown Cattle Company are committed to humanely raised beef.

"We are extremely proud of the Homegrown Meats team for their recent global expansion at Whole Foods Market, and look forward to sharing their delicious, 100 percent grass-fed jerky with our shoppers around the country," said Jason Krolikowski, global category manager for Whole Foods Market. "It has been a testament to our commitment to support local suppliers and products to watch this brand grow from a small San Diego-based artisan beef jerky producer, into a leading brand in the all-natural jerky category with a loyal following and strong national footprint."

In addition to being available in Whole Foods Market locations nationwide, Homegrown Meats’ jerky is available at golf courses and resorts, health and wellness stores, universities, breweries, corporate offices, professional sports facilities and outdoor retailers.