New flavors include honey chipotle turkey jerky and sweet BBQ bacon protein bars.
SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — Country Archer Jerky Co. announced the launch of its new line of meat bars and honey chipotle turkey jerky on March 2.

Available in cayenne beef, sweet BBQ bacon and herb citrus turkey, the protein bars are using 100 percent grass-fed beef, uncured bacon and cage-free turkey, along with real ingredients such as collagen, dates and spices.

“For decades, protein bars have been the go-to option for busy people, however they are often made with highly processed whey protein and are high in sugar, calories and have ingredients that are difficult to pronounce,” said Eugene Kang, co-founder and CEO of Country Archer. “We’re getting back to the basics. After months of testing recipes and experimenting with nutritionals, we’ve created a bar we’re really proud of.”

Crafted in small batches, the meat bars are a different version of the brand’s former Frontier Bars. The bars are made with antibiotic- and hormone-free beef, bacon or turkey

Flavor details include:

    Cayenne Beef – crafted with meat lovers in mind, this hearty meat bar packs a punch of cayenne and flavorful bacon

    Sweet BBQ Bacon – reinventing everyone’s favorite cut of meat, each bar is crafted with classic smoky BBQ seasoning for a touch of sweetness

    Herb Citrus Turkey – vibrant citrus mingles with fragrant herbs for an adventurous flavor combination

The company also added honey chipotle turkey jerky to its lineup. The jerky flavor is made with organic honey and bold chipotle that are slowly marinated together.