Meat scents
Instead of receiving another boring tie or bottle of cologne for Father’s Day this year, some lucky dads got the gift of meat-scented candles. A.1., the company known for its grilling sauce, unveiled its A.1. Meat Scented Candles in time for this year’s occasion.

The limited-edition 9-oz. candles retail for $14.99 each and are available in the three delicious scents: Original Meat, Backyard BBQ and Classic Burger. They are hand-poured in the USA, burn for 50 to 70 hours, and are available exclusively at while supplies last.

Oscar Mayer HotdoggerWiener takes flight

Oscar Mayer unveiled its Super Hotdogger, “the world’s first-ever JetPack-powered, high-flying hot dog hero.”

The custom-designed JetPack features Wienermobile-inspired touches. Super Hotdogger sports a belt equipped with hot dog carrying cases and a unique helmet design.

“Oscar Mayer will stop at nothing when it comes to providing quality hot dogs to fans everywhere and our innovative WienerFleet is an integral part of our mission to get a better hot dog in every hand,” said Matt Riezman, brand manager for Oscar Mayer. “With the debut of Super Hotdogger and last year’s WienerDrone, the future of flying hot dog delivery is bright.”

The Super Hotdogger joins the current WienerFleet: the Wienermobile, WienerRover, WienerMini, WienerCycle and WienerDrone.


KFC Bucket Bjorn
Bucket on board

KFC’s latest addition to “Dad fashion” is a limited-edition Bucket Björn designed to give “...Dad a little break from lugging around his bundle of joy, by letting him lug around his bucket of joy instead.”

The KFC Bucket Björn features wide, padded shoulder and hip straps, a sauce pocket and napkin dispenser. KFC Canada offered the meal carrier as a Father’s Day promotion.