Textor first exhibited at IFFA in 2013 and made an even bigger impression in 2016 at its booth where it featured the new TS700 and TS750 slicers. 

FRANKFURT, Germany – It’s been an eventful ride for Textor Inc. since 2013, when the brand was introduced at that year’s IFFA. Operating as a separate brand under the Weber GmbH umbrella, Textor provides processors a slicing option by offering Weber expertise and engineering in a more compact design and smaller footprint. Since 2013, approximately 100 Textor slicers have been delivered in the US and European markets. Earlier this year, Weber officials announced that it would consolidate the sales and technical expertise for both brands at Weber’s US headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jörg Schmeiser, CEO of Textor, said the two brands have and continue to offer customers valuable choices for their slicing needs. “The concept of very high performance in a much smaller footprint has been successful,” he said.

Two of those options were on exhibit at the Textor booth at this year’s IFFA, held May 4-9, 2016, including the TS700 and the TS750.

Each slicer was set up in the booth to demonstrate different line configuration possibilities. One line included Textor’s SmartLoader, integrated as part of a compact slicing line, which can facilitate slicing and packaging variety packs. Up to four different products can be sliced, overlapped and automatically loaded into packages. “Everything else you see in the market like this will be about three times longer and probably significantly more expensive,” Schmeiser said. The other line featured Textor’s CompactLoader, which is a space-saving auto-loader that arranges portions in the die format of the packaging machine, buffers them as needed and places them in the packaging machine.

The TS750 offers high-speed slicing for shorter products, including bacon and cured ham. It feeds the product to the blade using a positive drive flighted indexing system. In a two-lane setup, the 750’s capacity is up to six reloads per minute and up to 12 products per minute.

The TS700 was designed to maximize throughput and yields and minimize waste. Only 40-in. wide, the compact slicer offers either left- or right-hand operation, limiting labor costs. Smooth cuts and consistent portion quality is a given thanks to the the 700’s large blade and the option of adjusting the cutting head’s position to the product.

Schmeiser said the sanitary design of the new Textor slicers is a huge selling point, especially for its US customers. The wide-open design of both the 700 and 750 allows operators, maintenance personnel and sanitation workers to see all parts of the machine. “I call it a ‘transparent’ machine,” Schmeiser said, “because there is nothing hidden and what you see is what you get.”

“Everything on this machine you can remove in a matter of seconds,” he said. “You don’t have any real big mechanical components in the whole machine.”

For more information, call (800) 505-9591 or visit www.textorweb.com