Marlen Opti Serve 400
The Marlen OptiServ 400 Vacuum Pumping & Stuffing System uses fewer parts and Servo drives that guarantee more reliable and consistent production and attractive ROI.
FRANKFURT, Germany – Marlen International piqued the interest of attendees at this year’s IFFA show (held in Frankfurt, Germany May 4-9, 2016) with their latest product introduction. The soon-to-be available OptiServ 400 Vacuum Pumping & Stuffing System created a great deal of excitement in Frankfurt, where Marlen displayed the first entry in an extensive model series of the latest innovation in pumping and stuffing technology. Based on previous generations of Marlen’s Opti Series, a technology highlighted by a dual-piston pumping system, the next evolution of the “Opti” promises to push past hydraulic-based units with Servo drives that are pressure controlled. The next generation guarantees even better performance, more reliable and consistent production and a very attractive return on investment.


Engineers developed a system with fewer parts that are subject to wear-and-tear, adding value by minimizing replacement part cost and the associated downtime as well as tool-free teardown and improved sanitation. “What this means for processors is lower total cost of ownership, an attribute that is always on their radar,” said Bob Campbell, president of Marlen.

With throughput topping 40,000 lbs. per hour, the Servo-driven stuffer also boasts the highest-available vacuum level in the industry while delivering products at an even pace at precise weights. In terms of portioning, the OptiServ’s pinpoint metering delivers constant pressure and consistent speeds to ensure portions are on target. Flexibility is another valuable feature as system configurations and hopper designs can adapt to various applications all while its sanitary and open design make access to the inside of the stuffing and pumping components easy for maintenance and sanitation personnel. With the OptiServ 400 prototype serving as a hint of its capabilities, Marlen’s senior vice president of global sales and marketing, Jan Kuhlmann, says customers are anxious for the introduction of the OptiServ series to the US market.

“When this product family becomes available later this year after extensive field testing, we anticipate a lot of very positive feedback,” he said. “Marlen is about to significantly move the needle in this segment of the business.”

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