GEA’s automated PowerPak line features a new labeling system, end-of-line automation and it OxyCheck technology to monitor oxygen levels efficiently. 

FRANKFURT, Germany   At the 2016 IFFA, GEA joined the trend among many large, diversified equipment companies, offering innovations designed specifically for the needs of small- and medium-size processors.

One of those solutions is an entry-level thermoformer, the GEA DeltaPak. Because the packaging needs of smaller operations usually mean handling lower throughput and shorter runs, the ability to shift from one SKU to another in the middle of a shift needs to be as seamless as possible. For these customers, “It provides a lot of flexibility in terms of die-set changeover times,” said Stefan de Roo, director of branding, advertising and trade fairs with GEA Group. It is ideal for users who process and package smaller volumes and for companies that need to be particularly flexible, including packaging seasonal products. It is also ideal for distributed packaging operations in branch outlets.

Volker Sassmannshausen, product manager for GEA thermoformers, adds: “It draws on the proven technology from our higher-end thermoformers; it uses high-quality PowerPak components in a machine with much smaller dimensions. For the first time, the benefits of GEA thermoformers are available to smaller-scale users and start-up companies.”

Because of its simple, yet sophisticated engineering and uniform structure along with a specific number of predetermined functions and operational options, turnaround time on newly ordered DeltaPak machines is quick, and shipments to customers are swift. The machine is available in four different film widths: 285 mm, 320 mm, 360 mm and 420 mm, and can have dies in one or two rows with custom die sets available on demand.

As part of demonstrating its higher volume, integrated packaging line at the 2016 IFFA, GEA displayed:

  • The PowerPak thermoformer, which features its PowerChange, tool-free die-set system;
  • Its industry-first OxyCheck technology capable of monitoring oxygen levels in a non-destructive manner using oxygen-detecting film; and
  • The PowerGuide lane converger with GEA EasyCheck, a compact check-weighing system with built-in metal detector.

Product Manager Sassmannshausen said at the booth, “We have redefined the whole GEA PowerPak range to make it easier and more cost-effective for customers to compile a thermoformer for their specific application. They only select the functions they need and omit the ones they don’t use.” He added, “The modular PowerPak platform makes it possible to field upgrade most functions if they become necessary in the future.”