TLAHUALILO, Mexico– AgroPark SuKarne Lucero, the second-largest beef processing plant in Mexico, officially opened in Tlahualilo on March 31. The complex includes feedlots for 250,000 head of cattle, a laboratory for quality and safety certification and warehouse, storage and distribution facilities. Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto and other dignitaries attended a ceremony to mark the occasion.

SuKarne first announced the project in 2014, and has since invested 10 billion pesos ($576.6 million) in the plant which spans 474 hectares (1,171 acres). The company expects the plant will house 250,000 head of cattle; annual production capacity is estimated at 800,000 head. Most of the beef processed at AgroPark SuKarne Lucero will go toward exports.

SuKarne is a leading beef exporter based in Mexico. The company operates four beef processing plants in addition to three rendering plans to process bones, fat and blood from the company’s processing operations.