Since its founding in 1999, Ceva Santé Animale has quickly earned a reputation as a global veterinary health company committed to the production and marketing of products designed to improve the lives of animals, including poultry, companion animals, ruminants and swine. More recently, the scope of the company has evolved to include not only controlling the spread of diseases between animals, but also from animals to humans.

The Libourne, France-based company began establishing roots in Lenexa, Kan., in 2005, when it acquired Biomune Co. and its facilities in the progressive suburb. More recently, Ceva increased its stake in the region when it officially opened the doors of its new, 55,000-sq.-ft. vaccine production facility on May 3. It spans two stories and represents an $18 million investment.

The first floor at the plant is dedicated to production and utility operations with ample observation windows to allow for viewing into the controlled areas. Meanwhile, the second floor houses the quality-control labs for the operations below it as well as the mechanical controls for the plant and administrative/employee support spaces. In the QC department more than 1,300 samples are tested for efficacy each month. The sterile production area and lab facilities currently employ 50 technicians.

The new plant produces Ceva’s vector vaccines as well as traditional vaccines for the poultry industry to control disease and pathogens. Officials say the new facility will also allow the company to significantly increase production of its Mareks vaccine beyond its current level. Twelve rooms at the new facility are associated with its Marek’s suite of products.

“This facility is designed to meet the increasing global Mareks market well into the future,” says Daryl Pint, CEO of Ceva Biomune Campus.

Because there is growing demand for Ceva’s line of vector vaccines globally, there are plans to expand the plant in the future. The company already has the ability to manufacture custom vaccines to fit the needs of its geographically diverse customers, which span the globe. The company maintains business operations in Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe (and Turkey), North America, Latin America, Africa/Middle East and Asia/Pacific with a presence in 40 countries and employs more than 2,500 people worldwide.

With a mission statement of: “Together, beyond animal health” Ceva is focused on feeding the world’s growing population; fighting zoonoses (including avian influenza, brucellosis and Q-fever); and promoting the link between humans and animals. Marc Prikazsky, CEO of Ceva Santé Animale, said the commitment to its operations in the heart of the US is part of its global commitment.

“We continue to invest in our people and our facilities in order to innovate and therefore ensure that our products and services have a direct impact in improving global health,” he said.