Dr. Monique Éloit (left) and Mari Kiviniemi meet about the partnership of OIE and OECD. 

PARIS – A partnership between the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) became official Sept. 7 when representatives of the two groups signed an agreement to collaborate on the challenges stemming from the globalization of its member countries.

Most notably, the groups plan to develop a system for exchanging information and technical cooperation specific to animal health and welfare and the use of veterinary drugs. Topics to be addressed include antimicrobial resistance; the impact of livestock on environment; and reducing biological threats.

Dr. Monique Éloit, director general of the OIE and Mari Kiviniemi, deputy secretary-general of the OECD signed a document signifying the collaboration of the two groups in the future as they face issues stemming from continued population growth and increasingly frequent exchanges of resources.

According to a group statement, in light of globalization, “numerous are the challenges to be faced by nations to ensure economic prosperity as well as social and environmental well-being of their populations.”

The agreement is to facilitate cooperative communication, exchanging of views and collaboration on issues of shared interests with the goal of attaining common goals and achieving agreed upon objectives. 

Through the OECD’s focus on economic growth and financial stability and the OIE’s commitment to improving global animal health, animal welfare and veterinary public health, the two organizations plan to support the objectives of each.