OAKBORO, NC — Greenfield Farms Food Inc. now offers portion control packaging for foodservice application. The company will begin packaging premium steaks that have been cut to exact thickness and weights.

"This type of packaging for foodservice application helps to reduce cost by eliminating waste from the trimming process at the restaurants thereby increasing profitability for our customers," said Larry Moore, president and CEO.

Primal cuts will continue to be shipped to customers who prefer to cut and trim their own product.

Although the products will be packaged in a variety of configurations, there will be predominately four steaks to a package with three to four packages per case. The products will begin shipping in August.

Greenfield Farms Food Inc. is a consumer and wholesale-driven producer of grassfed beef. The company and its producers represent more than 2,500 acres in pasture under management and approximately 2,000 head of cattle.