OAKBORO, N.C. – Officials with Greenfield Farms Food, Inc. announced the availability of its new “Grassfed” beef bratwurst product line. The company will begin shipping the fresh and frozen product to retailers on July 18.

“These new spice enhanced products provides us with an expanded product line beyond our standard cuts of beef and ground beef programs,” said Larry Moore, president and CEO of Greenfield Farms Food. “Additionally it provides us with more shelf placements creating greater exposure for our brand with consumers in the grocery stores.”

Greenfield Farms Food is a consumer and wholesale driven producer of grass-fed beef focused on delivering its product to major retail grocery chains throughout the country. The company and its collective group of producers represent over 2,500 acres in pasture under management and approximately 2,000 heads of cattle. Greenfield Farms Food is approved to carry the USDA-Food Safety and Inspection Service "Grassfed Beef" designation on all product labeling. The company also operates a cold storage and distribution facility in Oakboro, NC.