ATLANTA – HoneyBaked is launching a new Spiced Bacon ($5.99 for 24 oz.) featuring the company’s brand of spice rub on bacon that is smoked over hardwood chips.

“Bacon is an American breakfast staple that is ideal for lunch and making its way onto dinner tables as well,” said Kristi Bullock, senior products manager. “As with our hams, we select only premium cuts of bacon and work our HoneyBaked magic to bring out the perfect balance of natural flavors. Think BLTs with turkey and Spiced Bacon, crunchy protein goodness on your salad, and a flavorful addition to entrees and holiday veggie casseroles.”

Also new at HoneyBaked, but only available through the holidays, is a Ham with Spicy Cranberry sandwich (recommended $5.59) served on pretzel bread.