CENTENNIAL, COLO. – Funded by the Beef Checkoff, the June Live Well 2010: A Return to Real Food and Simple Pleasures event was designed to engage and mobilize top-tier health professionals and credentialed members of the media, providing them with new research and tools to incorporate beef nutrition information into their education efforts.

The event, which was held at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley, brought together scientific, culinary, beef industry and consumer experts who provided a closer look at the latest beef nutrition scientific research, and discussed aspects of food production from the pasture to the plate. By the end of the event, beef was in the minds and on the forks of the attendees, and the education and engagement provided will benefit beef farmers and ranchers for years to come,”

Participants included 29 credentialed food and nutrition media who collectively reach millions of beef consumers, ranging from authors to food bloggers to a Food Network host; former American Dietetic Association (A.D.A.) national spokespeople; and high-profile health professionals from across the country.

“This event enabled attendees to engage in an open discussion about beef nutrition, preparation and cut knowledge and how beef is produced so they can recommend beef with confidence,” said Daniel Smith, chair of the checkoff's Joint Nutrition and Health Committee and cow-calf producer from Stamping Ground, Ky. “It also aimed at building and enhancing the beef checkoff’s relationships with leading health and nutrition professionals and credentialed media to further position the beef experts as a top-of-mind credible, reliable resources for beef nutrition research, facts, trends and insights.”

Americans get the majority of their food and nutrition information from television, magazines and social media. In fact, according to the International Food Information Council’s 2009 “Food & Health Survey,” consumers rank the writers, editors and bloggers responsible for generating this content, along with health professionals, among the most credible information resources available to them.

According to research conducted by Pelegrin Research Group on behalf of the beef checkoff, health and nutrition media professionals rely on sources they perceive to be scientifically sound and unbiased to keep their knowledge of food and nutrition up to date, identify new research or trends and to fact check nutrition-related news. This “signature event” provided a unique occasion for the beef checkoff to provide a comprehensive beef immersion experience showcasing the essential role beef plays in a healthy diet.

“Attendees will educate their readers and fans as they develop editorial pieces based on their experience beyond the event’s conclusion,” Mr. Smith said.