CENTENNIAL, Colo. – The Beef Checkoff recently held an event designed to encourage chefs to used and promote beef on restaurant menus.

The “Beef. It’s What’s on the Menu” event was held at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in California and included cutting demonstrations, in addition to sessions on sustainability and beef economics. One-half of the beef sold in the US is served at restaurants, according to the Checkoff. But keeping beef on restaurant menus has been a challenge given high prices for beef and tighter supplies.

"Beef is number one on their menu and we need to keep it there, because that’s important," said Scott McGregor, chairman of the Beef Checkoff Food Service Committee. "We’ve come up with these new ideas, be it the country-style ribs or the flat-iron, or any of these other cuts and they’re just excited to have new cuts to put on their menu at different price points."

More than 30 chefs participated in one of two, two-day sessions. Representatives from leading restaurants, retailers and packers offered their expertise to give participants fresh ideas to help keep beef on the menu.