WASHINGTON – The Food Safety and Inspection Service has announced the beginning of its nationwide Market Hogs Microbiological Baseline Data Collection Program (M.H.B.S.), which will continue for at least 12 months. The M.H.B.S. will provide data concerning the percent positives and quantitative levels of selected foodborne pathogens and microorganisms as indicators of process control (e.g.,Salmonella, generic
Escherichia coli, Enterobacteriaceae, coliforms and aerobic plate counts).

Market hogs only are eligible for testing in the M.H.B.S. Boar or stag swine, feral swine, roaster swine and sows are excluded from this study. M.H.B.S. is designed to collect sponge samples from the belly, ham and jowl portion of certain hog carcasses.

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