LOS ANGELES — A new premium delivery service known as Herd & Grace announced the launch of Gundagai Free Range Lamb as part of a subscription box offering. Herd & Grace’s steak products are sourced from pastures located in Australia and Tasmania.

Each Herd & Grace subscription box starts at $135, featuring select Aussie cuts and recipe ideas.

"These lambs are the most tender and flavorful cuts on the market," said Jason Latshaw, chief executive officer of Herd & Grace. "Each lamb is selected and graded based on age, feed, stress levels and quality of life, objectively being the highest quality of lamb available."

Sourced from Gundagai, Australia, the Gundagai Free Range Lamb features a higher lean meat yield with more marbling compared to traditional lamb cuts on the market, Herd & Grace said.

The Aussie lambs are raised on the eastern slopes of New South Wales’ Riverina, where they roam freely. The company said all its lamb and beef are Halal certified and humanely handled during each production phase.