ATLANTA — Aussie Select, a brand of World Select Cuts LLC, has launched a new line of premium ready-to-eat packaged lamb products in retail delis.

The fully cooked Aussie Select line is sold in 4-oz pre-sliced packages and comes in three varieties:

  • Agave Rosemary Lamb Ham
  • Lamb Pastrami
  • Tikka Masala Lamb Ham

“American consumers recognize that the provenance of Australian lamb is a marker of quality, extending from the paddock to the plate,” the company said. “With lamb making a strong showing on menus nationwide and becoming a more familiar protein in American homes, it’s an optimal time to source a premium deli meat featuring all-natural Aussie lamb.”

According to the company, the Australian lamb is free-range, pasture-raised and halal-certified.

“Our artisan butchers draw on centuries of tradition and expert craftsmanship to produce specialty meats that command attention for being decidedly different and noticeably better,” the company said. “We start by sourcing great-tasting Australian lamb that is naturally lean and tender and raised with the greatest of care. In fact, care for animals and the environment is at the heart of the Australian farming industry, and what makes Aussie lamb so special.”