REHOVOT, ISRAEL – Cultured meat food tech company MeaTech 3D Ltd. has become Steakholder Foods Ltd. Starting in 2019, the company embarked on developing the technology and science to produce whole cuts of meat by using animal cell cultivation and 3D bioprinting. Initial activity focused on developing steak and enabled the assembly of a unique mix of engineers and cellular biologists in the field who were motivated by the opportunity to tackle the most complex challenge in this burgeoning industry.

After the company’s founding, it became the first Nasdaq-listed cultured meat company (Nasdaq: STKH), and as a public company, Steakholder Foods created an opportunity for people to become “steakholders” in a movement aimed at transforming how meat is sourced and supplied. Steakholder Foods believes cultured meat can positively impact animal welfare, bring nutritious meat to billions of people and significantly change the future of the planet for the better.

“As Steakholder Foods, our hope is to send a strong message to meat lovers around the globe that together we can and should create a world where people everywhere continue enjoying their favorite meat sustainably — for the health and welfare of the planet and all its inhabitants,” said Arik Kaufman, chief executive officer of Steakholder Foods.

Steakholder Foods’ proprietary 3D bioprinting technology can print whole cuts of meat at an industrial scale to create any desirable ratio of muscle tissue and fat marbling and without damaging cell viability. In December 2021, the company printed 3.67 oz steak and was recently granted its first patent (among numerous provisional patents) for systems and methods that enhance muscle fiber formation to develop high-quality meat.