CHICAGO — Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) announced on April 20 its commitment to achieve 100% deforestation-free supply chains by 2025, five years earlier than previously targeted. The company made the announcement as part of global Earth Day celebrations taking place this week.

ADM said the accelerated timeline applies to direct and indirect sourcing of all commodities from every country in ADM’s supply chain.

“Our goal is to end deforestation in the shortest time possible, and the new target date for deforestation-free sourcing demonstrates our ongoing commitment to sustainable, ethical and responsible production,” said Alison Taylor, chief sustainability officer of ADM. “Every day, we seek to build a more resilient and sustainable food system that protects forests, safeguards biodiversity, and supports communities.”

ADM said it is on track to achieve its traceability goals in soy supply chains in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina by the end of 2022. The company noted it also has achieved a high level of traceability to the mill in the palm supply chain and is working to increase traceability to plantations.

“This Earth Day and every day, we believe in taking action for climate change and are committed to continuous improvement as we collaborate with farmers, our partners, and our customers to integrate sustainable practices at every step across our supply chain from the field to consumers’ tables,” Taylor said.

Earlier this year, ADM announced plans to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 25% and its energy intensity by 15% by 2035, after successfully meeting goals set in 2011 ahead of schedule.