OMAHA, NEB. – As part of its commitment to achieve sustainability goals, Greater Omaha Packing announced on April 8, that it joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership, a US Environmental Protection Agency collaboration with industry stakeholders to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and transporting products throughout the supply chain.

Greater Omaha Packing joins more than 3,000 other organizations that are part of SmartWay, which includes environmental groups as well as the American Trucking Association and Business for Social Responsibility. Since its launch in 2004, SmartWay has provided its partners with guidance and tools to monitor and decrease emissions and fuel consumption related to shipping products. Its tools are used by carriers that utilize trucking, rail, barge and logistics companies to transport products.

“Greater Omaha Packing invested significant time and resources in creating a more sustainable environmental footprint,” said Preston Dau, Greater Omaha’s vice president of procurement, transportation and transformation. “Establishing a partnership with SmartWay Transport reaffirms our organization’s commitment to achieving internal and external goals as a responsible corporate citizen.”

SmartWay Transport partners commit to goals that include reducing the use of oil by 312 million barrels; $41.8 billion in fuel; 133 tonnes of C02; 109 million tons of particulate matter; and 2.6 million tons of NOx.