CHICAGO – H-E-B will carry the Crescent Foods brand of halal compliant meat and poultry products in select Houston stores. Crescent Foods is a leading provider of premium Certified Hand-Cut Halal poultry and meat products in the United States.

The retail program at H-E-B includes a variety of fresh, halal hand-cut chicken, beef and lamb products in addition to breaded, frozen items. The No-Antibiotics-Ever fresh chicken is available whole, eight-piece cut-up, boneless skinless breasts, breast tenders, boneless skinless thighs, drumsticks, ground; marinated cilantro-, southwest-, and shawarma-flavored breast fillets; and frozen.

Value-added chicken products include breaded tenders, chicken nuggets, and individual breast fillets.

Crescent Foods’ stew meat, ribeye and strip loin steaks, chuck roast and ground is sourced from grass- fed-and-finished beef cattle.

Grass-fed-and-finished lamb products include stew meat, loin chop, shoulder cut and ground.

“While innovative retailers like H-E-B have carried Halal meat and poultry products in the past, the integrity of much-sought-after Halal hand-cut raises the bar,” said Huthyfah Abed, executive national sales director for Crescent Foods. “While shopping at H-E-B stores, we are proud to provide the opportunity for Muslim-American guests to complete their shopping experience with freshly stocked Crescent Foods products.”

Crescent Foods expects the program to quickly expand throughout Texas. H-E-B, with sales of more than $26 billion, operates more than 400 stores in Texas and Mexico.