CORREGGIO, ITALY – Italian cured meat maker, Veroni, announced its latest snack product for the holiday season.

The company’s Charcuterie Party Tray will feature a 12-oz maxi tray that includes Italian Salame, Provolone cheese, Sicilian olives, and artisanal breadsticks. Veroni said this tray was crafted for at least six people to consume. 

“With our new Charcuterie Party Tray, we aim to provide US consumers with a delicious, ready-to-enjoy grazing board to share during home or office gatherings,” said Emanuela Bigi, marketing manager of Veroni. “In Italy, cheese and charcuterie boards are traditionally linked to happy time spent with family and friends while enjoying good food and fine wine – the ‘Italian way to party’ that we would like Americans to experience through the high quality of our products.”

Veroni produces its cured meats in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and imports them to the United States for slicing and packaging. 

In September, the company launched its snack line into the US market. It featured four pairing variations including: mild salame, provolone and breadsticks, salame Calabrese, provolone and breadsticks, salame, provolone and dried cranberries and salame, provolone and dried apricots.