CORREGGIO, ITALY – Italian cured meat maker, Veroni, has launched a snack line inspired by the traditional merenda (snack usually eaten between lunch and dinner) for the back-to-school season. The four pairing variations include: mild salame, provolone and breadsticks, salame Calabrese, provolone and breadsticks, salame, provolone and dried cranberries and salame, provolone and dried apricots. Veroni suggests packing snack trays in lunch boxes for kids, served as an after-school snack, or while on the go during after-school activities.

“Our R&D team has developed a product that can improve the health of the brain by boosting it with the right ingredients without sacrificing taste,” said Lorenzo Ferrara, R&D manager at Veroni.

Veroni produces its cured meats in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and imports them to the United States for slicing and packaging. The company plans for this latest offering to be the perfect snack to satiate cravings. 

“Satisfying the taste of everyone is always a priority when we design a new line,” said Emanuela Bigi marketing manager for Veroni. “Today, we are still the only imported Italian brand of charcuterie in the US that, besides offering high-quality products, wishes to introduce to US consumers the Italian tradition and the key concepts that are popular in Italy, like Aperitivo and snack time.”