CHELSEA, MASS.– Kayem Foods recently announced that it would launch its first ever bacon product.

The company, which is known for premium beef and pork cuts, will start to sell Kayem’s Maplewood and Double Smoked Bacon in certain New England stores.

“My family has been crafting the best tasting meats for over 100 years and our new bacon is exactly what you’d expect from Kayem. It’s pure awesome,” said Matt Monkiewicz, chief executive officer of Kayem Foods. “New Englanders will finally be able to put bacon on their burgers or pair it with their eggs and taste what their ancestors had as real bacon.”

Both bacon products are made with hand-trimmed pork bellies and smoked for 10 hours with proprietary blends of natural hardwoods. The Maplewood bacon is available with real maple syrup exclusively from Butternut Mountain Farm in Vermont.

The meat processor will also make butcher cuts available with are 33% thicker. A full list of retailers that will hold bacon can be found here.

Kayem Foods produces many varieties of hot dogs, deli meats, sausages and dinner hams. They are most famous for its Old Tyme Natural Casing franks, best known as “Fenway Franks.”