BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. — Bolthouse Farms is launching Wunderoots, a new line of carrot-based alternatives to hot dogs, pasta and rice.

“We know that today's consumer is seeking more plant-based foods and vegetables in their diet, as well as options that are approachable, affordable and easy to prepare,” said AJ Bernstein, vice president of marketing for Bolthouse Farms. “These new Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots carrot 'swaps' answer this call and step in as a healthier option for popular staples. This is just the beginning of bringing more plant-powered innovations to consumers.”

To appeal to consumers aiming to eat less meat, Bolthouse Farms is offering Wunderoots Carrot Dogs. Made with whole carrots, the products are infused with herbs and spices in three flavors: Classic American-Style, Chorizo-Style and Sweet Italian-Style. Wunderoots Carrot Dogs will be available in 8-count packs.

For consumers cutting back on carbs, Bolthouse Farms is debuting Wunderoots Carrot Fettucine kits and Wunderoots Riced Carrot kits. The Carrot Fettucine kits pair carrot fettuccine ribbons with sauces, including marinara, spicy Thai basil and red coconut curry. Wunderoots Riced Carrot kits feature riced carrots with sauces such as sesame stir fry, green chile and yellow coconut curry.

“At Bolthouse Farms, we are driven by our passion to create a new way for people to eat and live healthier lifestyles,” said Jeff Dunn, chief executive officer of Bolthouse Farms. “Our vision of ‘Plants Powering People’ starts with a focus on healthier and more accessible plant-based eating. The new Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots carrot 'swaps' demonstrate our continued commitment to innovation and creating a plant-powered platform for healthier, more functional products that meet the fast-changing needs of today's consumer.”

Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots Carrot Dogs, Carrot Fettuccine kits and Riced Carrot kits will be available in the produce aisle beginning spring 2021.