KANSAS CITY, MO. – The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has reinvigorated the frozen food aisle. The shift away from eating out has pushed consumers to experiment with the latest frozen fare and innovators are attempting to capitalize on that interest.

The introduction of the Cinnabon frozen breakfast line is just one example. The Focus Brands subsidiary’s new line offers sweet and savory applications.

“People are craving comfortable, convenient meals to enjoy while spending more time at home and our licensed products are a great solution for today’s environment,” said Dave Mikita, president of Focus Brands global channels, the company’s licensing division. “Our mission is to give fans access to our brands in new, innovative ways and the Cinnabon Bakery-Inspired frozen breakfast creations line couldn't have launched at a better time — it’s the perfect way for everyone from busy parents, to students and young professionals, to begin the day — not to mention they make great anytime treats.”

Other innovations include plant-based frozen pizzas, casserole bites and wraps and cheese-filled pretzels. A recent report from the market researcher Packaged Facts highlighted how COVID-19 has reinvigorated the frozen food aisle as well as the center of the retail store.

“While manufacturers of center store products have done much to improve the quality and health/nutrition profile of their products, the current crisis is likely to offer up some opportunities,” Packaged Facts said. “For example, many consumers are being introduced or reintroduced to shelf-stable and frozen foods they may have shunned previously. This may spur future sales of products — such as frozen pizza and meals and natural, organic soups — that have made noticeable quality improvements over the last several years.”

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